A world leader in the development of high performance
piezoelectric single crystals and applications.


iBULe PHOTONICS is a company that realized technology once regarded as impossible. Our company grows and processes PMN-PT single crystal. iBULe PHOTONICS also produces application device that utilizes piezoelectric single crystal production that had remained only in theoretical research for a long time.

IBULE PHOTONICS was established by innovative technical experts including Sang-Goo Lee CEO and succeeded in the mass production of PMN-PT (lead magnesium niobium-lead titanate) single crystal for the first time in the world.

iBULe PHOTONICS is now a world leader in the development and manufacture of high-performance single crystals, and is rapidly expanding production capacities in order to provide customers with new opportunities for the next generation of transducers for defense and commercial applications.

We will continuously strive to contribute to local and global prosperity through continuous research and ultimately promote happiness of mankind in the future.



으뜸기업 추가

2018 ~ 2020

Underwater telephone Ring Transducer

2008 ~ 2011

SC Transducer for HMS Application

Ring Transducer


Suggested Bridgeman Growth Method for SC Growth
ONR Project, Stanford Univ
(Applied physics VOL74 No.7 15Feb 1999)



2014 ~ 2016

SC Vector Sensor


SC Vector Sensor